2020 Custom NVC 85Y Rolls-Royce

  • 279 ft
  • Mega Yacht
  • Tampa, FL, US

Yacht price :



Ocean Xplorer will undertake to construct and deliver an 85-meter yacht of Northern European quality at a prominent US shipyard, utilizing the best European design (Rolls-Royce Marine), engineering and systems. The final design, specification, equipment supply and regulatory/class compliance will be determined in the final specification, which will include contract pricing and delivery schedules. 

Through strategic sub-contractual arrangements with selected entities, we arrange for provision of all of the engineering, systems and fit-out services required for delivery of the 'turn-key' yacht project.

All essential technical matters to be clarified shortly after signing of build contract. Technical matters to be understood as all dimension drawings, system drawings and technical descriptions of all relevant equipment/materials within all disciplines. build, launch or float, equip, outfit, complete and deliver.

 Financing available.

Builders warranty.


MCA Yachts Adv Co-Brokerage 5 is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by Globe Regal Yachting.



Basic Information

NVC 85Y Rolls-Royce
Tampa, FL, US
Available for sale in U.S. waters:
Vessel Name:
NVC 85 Rolls-Royce Design
Boat Type:
Mega Yacht
Hull Material:
Hull Type:
Hull Color:
Severin Ulstein/ Rolls-Royce Marine
Flag of Registry:

Dimensions & Weight

279 ft - 85.04 meter
277 ft 11 in - 84.7 meter
47 ft 11 in - 14.6 meter
Draft - max:
13 ft 1 in - 4 meter
Bridge Clearance:
Dry Weight:


Cruise Speed:
Joystick Control:
Engine Type:
Drive Type:
Fuel Type:
Max Speed:

Tank Capacities

Fuel Tank:
250000 gallons - 1 tank(s)
Fresh Water Tank:
80000 gallons - 1 tank(s)
Holding Tank:


Total Cabins:
Total Berths:
Total Sleeps:
Total Heads:
Captains Cabin:
Crew Cabins:
Crew Berths:
Crew Sleeps:
Crew Heads:



General Description

General Description

  • Main dimensions:

  • Length over all
 84.70 m

    Length between perpendiculars 77.20 m

  • Breadth moulded
 15.6 m

    Depth moulded to 2nd deck7.2 m

  • Design draft   4.0 m

  • Classification: ABS

  • Flag: Cayman Island (or as stipulated)

  • At draft 4 m,

  • the trial speed shall be approx. 19.5 knots at 90% MCR and 500 kW hotel

    load without sea margin.

  • Service speed approx. 17 knots at 90 % MCR with 15% sea margin and 750 kW hotel load.

  • Trial conditions: Beaufort 3 / Douglas 3

  • Endurance: 8000 nm at 17 knots 

    The Vessel will be subjected to sea trials in accordance with an appropriate sea trials program. The yacht will have a long range cruising safety margin of 10% tank capacity.
    The yacht will have enough provisions to suffice for the full cruising range, at the designated cruising speed, with a full complement of passengers and crew on board.

    The yacht shall be of welded steel hull construction and aluminum superstructure and built to North European yacht standard. The exterior of the hull shall feature styled glass, structural 'clam-shell' openings and possess a class-compliant heli-deck on the foredeck.

A comprehensive systems design integration service is provided with integrated propulsion systems and each of its constituent parts. The main power takes advantage of an advanced thermodynamic cycle, based on high compression ratio, optimized valve timing, high charge air pressure and late and fast combustion. This ensures good trade-off between fuel consumption, Nox emissions and particulates. The simple and robust design with reduced number of components ensures the system is robust and durable.

Propellers shall be Ulstein Aquamaster azimuthing pulling propeller. The azimuthing pulling propeller is a low drag, high efficient pulling thruster. It combines the advantage of the pulling propeller with the flexibility of using any type of drive to suit the customer's specific requirement. The Azipull is designed for continuous service speed up to 24 knots, whilst maintaining excellent maneuverability as no rudder is required.

The super silent tunnel thruster is designed for exceptionally low noise operation and is ideal for yachts where low noise and vibration levels are vital. It has double walls for the full tunnel length and a flexible mounted inner tunnel.

Navigation System - The Integrated Bridge concept provides a multiple workstation capability allowing switching between the automation system, radar and electronic charts and steering systems. Working with selected partners to build in navigation and communication systems, the integrated bridge uses customized touch- screens and a unified styling of controls and consoles to provide a safe, flexible operating environment. Forward-looking sonar to be provided by FarSounder.

Operator's Chair - The operator's chair is a major design aspect of the new integrated bridge system, with the focus on the optimization of the human machine interface. Using the touch-screen an array of information can be displayed, including the potentially wide range of secondary systems such as VHF communication, lighting, and management of the full propulsion system, with ultimate control of maneuvering provided by incorporating the Poscon products ranging from autopilot and joystick systems to station keeping and full capability dynamic positioning.

Power Distribution System will be part of overall integrated systems management package which provides a full power management capability for island power systems ranging in application. The system will integrate with the overall  electrical system, and as part of the wider automation system.

Stabilizers will be folding fin stabilizers that are designed for high performance roll damping whilst offering low weight and high reliability coupled with low maintenance. The PLC based control system offers state of the art technology with simple operating interfaces and extremely comprehensive maintenance and diagnostic information through touch screens.

Dynamic Positioning - The dynamic positioning (DP) systems are an extension of the Poscon independent joystick systems. The DP range is designed to meet International Maritime Organisation (IMO) specifications and requirements from the class of societies. Available range from Poscon DP and single IMO DP class 1 Systems to sophisticated redundant systems satisfying the requirements of the IMO DP Class 2 and 3.

Fairing and Paint to be of highest quality. As the finishing of yachts has become a science, 

Entertainment system provider will be a state-of-the-art, centralized media server stores hundreds of movies and thousands of CD's and connects to satellite television and radio. The audio visual system is built to exacting, exceptional standards. Users can independently select movies, music TV, Radio or internet at any time. Integrated Internet access gives fast, wireless web access and email from any System computer.

Security systems to be provided by a designated provider to level designated by Own- er. The maritime security team will be drawn from a wide variety of professional back- grounds, including master mariners, marine engineers and surveyors, international special forces; Army and Navy (including anti-terrorist units); government officials; the diplomatic service; and international coast guard units.

The yacht shall be equipped with a Jacuzzi on the Owner's Deck aft of the dimensions indicated in the G.A. Elevators will be installed as per GA. KONE elevators can be customized for this mission. Designed for shipboard use with scenic glass, minimal equipment footprint and microprocessor controls.




Class and Registration

The yacht will comply with all current Flag State and Classification Society Require- ments Environmental Protection (EP) notation.

The yacht is anticipated to exceed the regulatory 3,000 grt and is expected to require compliance with the SOLAS Passenger Ship Regulations.
Classification: ABS (or as specified)

100A1 SSC Yacht (P) Mono G6, LMC, UMS, EP, PCAC 1,1
100A1 Passenger Ship LMC, UMS, PCAC 1/1, EP (only technical) Flag Administration: to be designated by Owner


Modelling and Simulation


Designers rely on the use of mathematical modeling and simulations of electrical, mechanical, thermal, chemical, hydraulic, hydro-mechanical and hydro- dynamic systems to understand and predict system dynamics and control characteristics. These simulations are used to support the entire life cycle of a ship or system: from concept tradeoffs, through system optimizations and detailed design, to support sea trails, for problem resolution after deployment, and to evaluate the impact of design changes throughout vessel life.

Dynamic response analysis (DRA) Refers to the development of mathematical equations describing the dynamic behavior of the ship and system components and hen combining these equations into a unified computer simulation that predicts the transient and steady state response of the complete system. Analysts design and analyze simulation experiments to reduce technical risk by quantifying performance, designing and analyzing controls, exposing  potential performance problems, and designing corrective changes. Rolls-Royce maintains an extensive mathematical model library to support such efforts.

Concept and preliminary design - A DRA is frequently used to verify machinery design and selection prior to placing equipment orders. DRA can determine if candidate machinery components will yield adequate system response without encountering excessive loads.

Detailed design - DRA is used to design the supervisory propulsion control algorithms and verify that the final system design will respond well and not exceed any limits of safe machinery operation. Both normal operation and failure modes can be analyzed via DRA.

This new approach is the result of rigorous analysis considering performance, safety, reliability, maintainability, capital and operational costs.




The vessel is equipped to receive a Eurocopter EC 155 B1 helicopter, and most smaller helicopters.

Landing platform
Aft mounted raised helicopter landing platform for helicopters with "D" value of 14.3 metres.


Navigation and electronics

An integrated navigation system of open architecture for planning of route, continuous monitoring of ships position and optimum steering to be installed and to include:

  • -  Two radars,one X-band and one S-band.

  • -  Two harbour radars, one fore one aft.

  • -  One adaptive radar controlled autopilot (track pilot) incl. Electronics for

    Conning Display, engine interface and steering interface, rudder feedback

    units (redundant system).

  • -  Two 25" multifunctional colour HD-displays for the display of 16 inch colour

    radar ARPA, ECDIS, superimposition of radar and ECDIS, conning functions.

  • -  Two multipilot control panels for the operation of colour radar ARPA, ECDIS,

    Conning and Track pilot.

  • -  Two multipilot electronic units for radar ARPA, ECDIS and Conning.

  • -  One speed pilot.

  • -  One Conning display, 21 inch diagonal, high resolution colour monitor.

  • -  One chart pilot high resolution colour display incl. operating panel + track ball,

    work station electronics, CD-ROM and floppy drive.

  • -  Two slave 19" HD displays at each bridge wing. Possibility to select picture

    from multi pilots, Conning Display and ANS.

  • -  Predictor.

  • -  Navigating Control Computer connected to both autopilots, multipilot in charge to select chart.

  • -  Built-in processor controlled electronic interswitch integrated into radar electronic unit.

  • -  Planning Command Station - LAN.

  • -  One standard colour printer (A4).

  • -  Presentation of own ships symbol in scale.

  • -  Possibility of ships steering directly from the radar using a "curved EBL


  • -  Two solid state transceivers, X-band or S-band antennas.

  • -  Power supply from two independent systems (MSB And ESB) through automatic change over switch and on-line UPS.

  • -  Ships interface.

  • -  Automatic Navigation and track-keeping system ANTS.

  • -  Voyage data recorder system.

  • -  Automatic Identification System - AIS

    System to be fully adapted to differential GPS-receivers.

    Echo sounder with two transducers.

    Wind instruments.

    One doppler dual-axis water/ground speed log, connected to integrated navigation system, with three indicators.

    One 12-channel, continuous tracking differential GPS navigators. One 8-channel GPS.

    Radio communication system acc. to GMDSS for A3 area. Internal communication system.
    Laudhailing system.
    Automatic exchange telephone.

    Ligths and signal equipment.

    Twin CCTV shall be installed aft for control of berthing from bridge,other cameras acc. to owners requirements.

Forward: 2 electric driven combined anchor and mooring winches with chain stoppers.

Aft: 2 capstan, one PS and one SB. Permanent/fixed mooring equipment as shown on G.A.


Hull protection


  1. Paint system for a vessel of this type and operation area. Antifouling for min. three years docking intervals. Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP).
    Zinc or Aluminium anodes in bowthruster tunnel, propeller area, rudder and sea chests.



The ship shall have Cayman Island Flag. The vessel with her equipment shall comply with the following rules and regulations in force at the date of contract and all new requirements that are known at the date of contract:

Class to be ABS. , and the vessel to be designed in compliance with the Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY2) issued by MCA UK.

The vessel to be delivered with the following certificates issued by the relevant authorities.

All certificates normally required for unrestricted trade for this type of vessel, including but not limited to:

  • International T onnage Certificate

  • International Load line Certificate, ILLC'66

  • International Safety Construction Certrificate

  • Fire Protection SOLAS 74

  • International Safety Equipment Certificate

  • Life-saving Appliances SOLAS 74

  • International Safety Radio Certificate

  • International Safe Manning Certificate

  • International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate

  • International Safety Management Certificate

  • International Ship Security Certificate

  • Certificate of Compliance




Marine diesel oil:  250 cu meters   66,000 gals

Freshwater:  80 cubic meters   21,000 gals


Electric System


All electric installation in cargo hold to be spark proof (EX ).
One main swichboard -/engine controlroom in engineroom. MSB to split with bus-tie breaker.One shaft generator and one aux. generator each side.

Main voltage system for ship general: 3 x 400 V - 50 Hz.
Secondary system for lighting etc.: 3 x 230 V - 50 Hz.
Alternatively 440 V can be used for heavy consumers.
Cables for bow thruster motors to be dimensioned for continous operation.

Shore connection capacity, 300 A
Stable voltage system, UPS
230 V - 60 Hz emergency lighting.
24 V DC emergency communication and alarm system. Transformers for 440 - 230 V system.

Engine control room console for IAS,Engine start panel, manoeuvring levers,communication etc.
PMS for load sharing incl. in IAS.


Propulsion System


Two Ulstein Aquamaster AZP085 CP Azipull type main azimuthing thrusters. Electrically driven servo- and LO pumps.
Frequency converter drive.
Freshwater cooled electric motor P = 1600 kW - 1200 rpm.

5 blade, Class S balance FP propellers of bronze, designed for low pressure pulses Max. 1.5 kPa
Propeller diameter: 2100 mm
Rpm: 287 rpm at MCR




The vessel to be arranged Diesel/Electric for twin Azipull propulsion. Azipull machinery shall be arranged in two engine rooms aft, one on each side. The Diesel/Electric generator sets and the electric drives systems shall be arranged in a centrally located engine room.

Engine control room with Switchboards. AC compressors/ Sewage/Sanitary Pumps/Coolers/Sea inlets etc.

Main diesel generator sets:

Two medium speed generator sets, exhaust turbocharged and intercooled. Maximum continuous rating of diesel engines: 2 x 2000 kW - 1000 rpm 690 V, 50 Hz 3-phase.


The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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