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Ready to buy a boat? While you look forward to all the fun you are going to have on the water, you may also feel a nervous knot in your stomach about the buying process. How do I know if I'm buying the right boat or the right brand? What are all the things I need to know anout buying a boat and owning one? With MCA YAchts, you never have to go through this alone!

MCA Yachts knows that first time buyers need more explanaitions and have a lot more questions. We have the patience to help you through the process and the knowledge and experience to get you through a successful purchase and out on your boat creating memories.

Here are some of the things you want to consider:

How do you see yourself using the boat? How frequently do you plan on going out on the water? Considering overnighting? How many people would you like to fit comfortably on your boat? Are you hands on to help with maintenence? Do you have dockage for your boat, space for a trailer or would you need to pay for storage? What size of boat are you comfortable handling yourself, or would yo be willing to hire a captain and crew? Do you want to buy a new boat or a used one? What type of activities do you envision - water ski, jet ski, fishing, diving? What budget do you have in mind - would you need financing? Are there any facilities that you think are necessary - toilet, kitchen, cabin? What kind of speed and power do you think you need? What about gadgets?

Some answers may be straight forward, but others can be tough. Don't feel overwhelmed, that's why we have our 'First Time Buyer' specialists to guide you! And once we know what you want, we'll take you the rest of the way by finding options that match your criteria, organising showings, handling negotiations, planning inspections, surveys and trials, and assisting with documentation, financing, insurance, and even help you with dockage/storage. Later on you know that you can reach out to us for recommendations and advice on boat maintenance, repairs and maybe one day upgrading to your next boat! 

So let's get started! Call us now at 954-652-9448 or fill in the form on this page and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Let MCA Yachts help you find Your First Dream Boat!

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