Upgrading to a bigger boat

Wouldn't it be great to go further, take longer trips, invite more guests or carry along more fun toys and gear? Do you find yourself doing a double take at those other larger boats at the marina or passing you by on the water? Perhaps it's the right time for you to consider upgrading to a bigger boat. MCA Yachts wants to help you dive in head first knowing that you have given consideration to all the factors that come along with owning a bigger boat - all the good and the not so good. Once you've decided that now really is the time, we'll happily take you through the process, and while you get excited about your new boat, we'll also work on getting you a great sale for your current love.

You pretty much know many of the benifits that come along with having a bigger boat. Aside from those menioned above you also have greater comfort, more shade, more stability on the water and generally better amenities. A bigger boat will cost more, but aside from the purchase price, what other costs do you really need to factor in? With a bigger boat, you will need to give consideration to the following costs as well. Maintenance and repairs- what used to be a hands-on job, may now require more professional help on a bigger boat. Insurance - though chances are you have more saftey features, you also have a greater investment to protect. Dockage/storage/haul outs - all likely to increase when you increase the feet of your boat. Are you able to handle a bigger boat ? - Do you need to upgrade your licence or hire crew to get around?

When you're ready to upgrade, we're excited to help you through the process of buying and selling simultaneously. Give us a call now at 954-652-9448, or fill out the form ton this page and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. It would help too if you could share with us a bit about your current boat, and a bit about what you're looking for. Let MCA Yachts help you get to the next level!

For more info on how we can successfully sell your boat click hereand how we can help you find the right boat click here.


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